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  • The King Family will be traveling to India in February of 2020.
  • We are currently scheduled to share ¬†24 times in 20 days.
  • We are estimated to share with 11,000 people.
  • We will share the Gospel in 14 school programs, 5 church meetings and 5 open-air evening outreach events.
  • 95% of the people who will hear the Gospel are lost.
  • The total cost, including flight, hotel, transportation, and the cost for equipment and rentals for the evening outreaches is $15,000.

Your gifts will help thousands of lost people hear the Gospel.

Every $1.50 will help one lost people hear about Jesus.

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See more photos from some of the places we’ll be sharing HERE.

Details about India

India is very diverse with country with 4,635 people groups and more than 1,600 languages.

It has a population of 1.3 Billion. Of these 79.8% are Hindu, 14.2% are Muslim, and only 4.5% are Christian.

We will spend most of our time in Chennai, India. This city is about the size of Tulsa with a population that is almost a million more than the entire state of Oklahoma.

Our Itinerary

Friday, February 1 – We will leave the U.S. and fly to Hyderabad City. The flight from the U.S. will take more than 20 hours.

Sunday, February 3 – Preach at a church in Hyderabad / That afternoon we will go by train to Chennai (11 hours by train)

Monday, February 4 – We will share with about 600 students in 2 school programs. In all the schools where we will share we have been given permission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That evening we will share with about 500 people in an open-air outreach.

Tuesday, February 5 – We will share with about 900 students in morning and afternoon school assemblies.

Wednesday, February 6 – (This is Kolby and Mary Beth’s 20th Wedding anniversary). We will lead a morning school assembly and another evening, open-air village outreach.

Thursday, February 7 – In two assemblies we will share the Gospel with another 850 students.

Friday, February 8 – In the morning we will share with about 400 students and in the evening, we will host our third open-air outreach.

Saturday, February 9 – We will share with about 850 students in multiple assemblies.

Sunday, February 10 – We will lead the preaching at a church in Chennai and host another open-air outreach that evening.

Monday-Tuesday, February 11-12 – Two days to rest

Wednesday, February 13 – Travel by train back to Hyderabad City.

Thursday, February 14We will share with more people on this one day than any other single day of the mission trip. In multiple school assemblies throughout the day, we will share with around 3,100 students.

Friday, February 15 – We have a school assembly in the morning with about 400 students, another in the afternoon with about 450 students and an evening outreach at a church.

Saturday, February 16 – A day to rest

Sunday, February 17 – We will lead our final church service in India and fly out of India later that day to arrive back in the United States by November 20.

Pray for…

Safety – It’s not always easy to share the Gospel in India. It is a very diverse country and in some parts it can be very dangerous to share Christ. In 2018 India was listed as #10 on the top 10 most persecuted countries in the world for sharing the Christian faith. The area we will be in, however, is not a hot-spot for persecution. Still, please pray for safety.

Health – When you travel to a foreign country, it takes about 3 days for your body to realize that everything is different. You are breathing different air, eating different food and in a place like Chennai, India, when it’s 2:00pm here, it’s 12:30am there. All that to say, after a couple of days, most people fill a bit sick for a day or two–just until they adjust to everything. For some this is worse than others. Kolby and Mary Beth have been on mission trips to Mexico, Venezuela and Cambodia. Twice Kolby got sick in Mexico (with many runs to a restroom), spent a day with an upset stomach in Cambodia and became very sick (about the worse he has ever been sick) for two days in Venezuela. All this to say, please pray for all five of the King family who are going to not get sick or have any other hindrances to sharing the Gospel.

Salvation – Our goal and purpose is to share Christ. We want the people of India to know and follow Jesus Christ. As always, we’ll be using creative tools to share the Gospel in a visual and engaging way. Pray that hearts will be open and that God will change lives.

Language Barriers – Pray for the people who will be translating for us. Some of the students speak English but most of the people where we’ll be sharing don’t. On our foreign trips we’ve worked with both good and not so good translators. A lot rests on the person who will take what you’re saying and put it in the heart language of the people listening. Translating is also an exhausting job. We’ve had many translators on days where we’ve shared a bunch who were worn out by the end of the day. Please pray for their strength and for them to be anointed by the Lord. Also pray that the Lord will let us speak beyond the spoken language to the hearts of the people.

Fun Facts About India

Don’t ask for a cheeseburger – Most of the people in India are Hindu which means cows are sacred. They have certain religious beliefs which might include the idea that a cow might be one of your ancestors!

Drink only bottled water and avoid the ice – Traveling a foreign country always means avoiding certain food and drinks. Some of the reasons Kolby got sick in the past was that, without thinking, he brushed his teeth with tap water in Cambodia and in Mexico he ate a meal which included lettuce (that has a high water content). The key is to only drink bottled water and even then, you must always remember to wipe off the rim before you put it to your mouth. And, avoid the ice–In Cambodia we watched a man take a huge block of ice, set it on the sidewalk where people and animals were passing by and chip it into ice to put in people’s drinks!

Be careful what you eat. It might not be what you think. – After a week in Cambodia, Kolby was hungry for something familiar. We had eaten at a Chinese restaurant that had a whole section on “entrails” (yes, that’s internal organs) and finally we went to buffet-style restaurant. He saw a creamy yellow substance on a dessert table and scooped up a bunch, thinking it was banana pudding. Finally, something familiar! He took a big bite and to the amusement of everyone, realized that it was a big bite of yellow mayonaise.

Look out for strangers – You always need to be aware of strangers but in certain parts of India, there is a lot of pickpocketing. So watch for strangers and watch your pockets!

Just take the food – In India, it’s extremely rude to turn down food from a host. And, when dinner is done, it can be offensive to offer to help clean up.

Watch your left hand – To many in India the left hand is considered unclean. It’s the hand that you do all the dirty tasks with. So don’t offer to shake with your left-hand and don’t give and receive things with it either. Sorry, all you lefty’s!

See More Pictures

The church we’ve partnered with in India has sent us some photos of some of the people with whom we will be sharing. Some of these photos were taken during a VBS where they shut down a city block to have VBS on the street. Others are from evening open-air outreach events like some the ones we’ll be leading.

See more photos HERE.

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