My Heart was Burning Inside Me

One of the greatest compliments that I had during our trip was a young man in his twenties who told me, “My heart was burning inside me while you spoke.”

Above is a picture from our last meeting. It was in a small church building in a slum village but what you can’t see is that there are about 100 or more people sitting in chairs outside. They even set up speakers on the porch so everyone could hear.

Part way through the service a pastor leaned over to me and said, “This is more people than we expected. A great majority of them are Hindu.”

I preached about the cross and God’s love for them. I could feel the spiritual tension in the room so much that as I spoke I prayed the Lord would rebuke any evil spirits. As I came to the invitation time, I said, “Tonight if you would be willing to received Christ,” and as soon as the words came out of my mouth, a balloon next to me popped. For years in evangelism training I have taught to expect distractions at the moment you invite someone to receive Christ.

I don’t know what all decisions were make that night but I saw several Hindu women crying as I explained the sacrifice that Jesus had made for them. I’ll never forget one of the ladies using her head scarf to wipe a tear from her eye.

Another school.
Titus sharing his paper-tearing cross trick along with his testimony.
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