A Church That’s Making a Difference

On Sunday morning in Guntur City, I shared at a church that has an incredible ministry. There were about 200 people in the worship service. At the end of the message, I shared with them that “you are not alone.” Not only is Jesus with you but there are believers around the world who are praying for you and for the salvation of India. I shared my burden to see American come to Christ and challenged them to boldly be a light in darkness. At the end of the service, the pastor called me back up. He led his church in praying for the believes in America.

After the service, they told me that I would get to share again. I didn’t know it, but there were more than 200 children outside. They minister to these kids and feed them every Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Then beyond this, throughout the week they lead 13 “Sunday schools” where they ministry to around 700 kids (mainly in slum areas) in different parts of the city. They also have 20 women living in the church building and when they complete the building, they will be able to house 50 Bible students to bring from across the country to train them and send them out.

They are also completing what will be the only baptistry that I saw the entire time I was in India. We prayed together that thousands of people would be baptized in it.

Please pray for Pastor Suresh and this ministry. They have already overcome numerous obstacles. He told that it has been “difficult” and that they have faced a lot of “opposition.”

The children at church will have several “services” on Sunday as well as a lunch.
Children at this church. Pray that they will continue to follow Christ.
If you look closely at the church in the background, you can see that even the building is marked with the name Jesus Christ.
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