The One True God

In the schools the Lord helped us to carefully walk a very fine line as we shared Jesus in front of thousands of students. Many of these students are Hindu or Muslim. We shared God’s plan to save us from our sin and how Jesus is the only way to have life and to be forgiven. God gave us boldness but there is one situation which stands in my mind above the rest.


The younger children at this school had prepared a special program for us.

We were sharing at a school and after I shared with the students, they asked Mary Beth and the boys questions. What do you believe about end times? What do you believe about the coronavirus? What do you believe about this and that. Then they asked Mary Beth, “If you could say anything to India, what would it be?”

She replied that God loved them and sent Jesus to make a way to save them. It was the Gospel in a nutshell. It was very similar to what I had shared earlier and although this was supposed to be the last question, one of the men who had been in charge of the questions, took the microphone and asked one more. It was basically just the same question, just rephrased. Both her and I could tell that he was digging deeper.

Without hesitation, she responded, “There are not many gods. There is only one true God who sent His Son, Jesus Christ…” Suddenly all the Christians in the room began to applaud. She had crossed a line. In India it is one thing to share Jesus, for which you can experience opposition, but it is something entirely different to look at Hinduism and basically say, “You’re wrong.” It was a line that God wanted us to cross that day.

Afterwards several of the pastors told us how blessed and encouraged they were that she said this without hesitation and without any regard to our safety or to any consequences that might have come on us for directly challenging Hinduism.

The girls did a traditional dance as part of the program the school planned to welcome our family.
Nathan answering questions.

Titus sharing.
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