A Day of Rest

In Guntur City churches loaded kids into vans like this to come hear us share.

After Guntur City, we left at 6am on Monday for a 7 hour train ride to Chennai. You can’t buy a seat for children age  5 and under, so Ezri sat on our lap the entire time. It was tight in the train. We didn’t have a translator once we left the station and we were exhausted. In fact, the last thing they told us before getting on the train was, “Don’t talk to anyone. Don’t trust anyone. The people are waiting to meet you at Chennai.” This was a little disconcerting but we weren’t concerned. We were just tired. 

While in Guntur City, Titus began to feel sick. Ezri and I both started coughing from all the pollution and dust and Mary Beth began having a small allergic reaction as well. 

Once we arrived at Chennai we rested and took a day to relax at the beach. It reminded me why God puts such a priority on respecting the Sabbath. The rest was good and by Wednesday morning we were ready to begin the ministry here in Chennai. 

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