Have Nots, Ask Nots


-A Bible marked at James 4:2-3

(This would be a good discussion at the dinner table.)


Let your family take turns answering the following question:

ASK—If you had three wishes and you knew that whatever you wished for would come true, what would your wishes be?

Listen to what the Bible says about asking God for things:

Read the last line of James 4:2 and all of 4:3 from your Bible.

SAY—Did you know that the Bible says that there are certain things that we don’t have because we don’t ask for them? And there are other things we don’t get because we ask for them for the wrong reasons.

SAY—It’s not wrong to ask God for things, but know that, like a good Father, God is not going to give you something that He knows won’t be good for you.

ASK—What if you wanted to eat five ice cream sundaes at one time? Would I let you? (No, because it wouldn’t be good for you.)

ASK—What if you wanted to play in the middle of a busy street? Would I let you? (No, because it wouldn’t be safe for you.)

ASK—What if we were in the middle of a store and you pointed out something that you really, really wanted? Might I get it for you? (Yes, but not always. I might get it for you now and I might get it for you later, but I won’t get you something that I know won’t be good for you.)

SAY—In the say way, God is a good father for all those who have given their lives to Him. You can ask Him for anything and know that He will always do what is best for you.

PRAY—Take turns praying and be sure to thank God for being a great Heavenly Father who answers prayer.


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