Bread and Fish


-A few pieces of bread.

-A Bible marked at Matthew 7:7-11

See how many pieces of bread your child can eat in one minute.

RULES—You can’t cram everything into your mouth and you have to take one bite at a time. (An interesting fact: A person can only eat a few pieces of bread before it becomes very difficult because the bread absorbs all the moisture in a person’s mouth.)

Read Matthew 7:7-11 from your Bible.

ASK—If you came to me and ask me for a piece of bread, would I give you a stone to eat? (No.)

ASK—If you came to me and ask me for a fish, would I give you a snake to eat? (No.)

SAY—Jesus was making the point that if earthly parents know how to give good things to their children, how much more does God, who is a Heavenly Father for all those who have given their lives to Him, know how to give good things to His children.

SAY—God loves you and you can always talk to Him about anything. God loves to give good things to His children.

ASK—Is there anything that you would like to talk to God about tonight?

PRAY—Take turns praying and be sure to thank God for being such a good Father.

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