Stay Alert


-A Bible marked at Colossians 4:2

PLAY the following game: Position your child with his or her back to you somewhere in the room. He has to keep his eyes closed. Point out a line or boundary somewhere behind him and tell him that you are going to try to sneak up behind him and touch him. If he turns around after you cross the line or boundary, then he wins, but if turns around too soon—before you cross the line or boundary, then you win. Play a few times and then switch roles. Let him sneak up on you.

SAY—In the game you had to be alert, listening for any movement. The Bible talks about us staying alert too.

Read Colossians 4:2 from your Bible.

POINT—As you pray, God wants you to stay alert and not be distracted.

ASK—What are some things that might distract you as you pray? (Drifting thoughts, daydreaming, or even get so caught up in asking and asking and asking for things that you don’t take time for other kinds of prayer.)

ASK—Besides asking God for things, what else can you do when you pray?

SAY—Remember A.C.T.S.

(1) You can Adore God—praise Him, tell Him how awesome He is, etc..;

(2) You can Confess your sins and ask God to forgive you;

(3) You can give God Thanks for anything and everything;

(4) You can ask God to Supply your needs and requests. These are all different parts of prayer.

PRAY—Tonight when we pray I want us to do all four of these. First, each of us will praise God (Adore God) for something; Then we will Confess something to God; Then we will Thank God for something; Then we will Ask God (Supplication) for something.


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