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Christmas Family Devotion #7


You will need:

  • Instant Hot Chocolate
  • Cups
  • Small Marshmallows
  • Hot Water (but not too hot)
  • A Bible marked at Romans 8:38-39, John 10:28-29

Get Started

Help each member of your family make a cup of hot chocolate. Then, once it’s mixed, ask them if they can separate out the chocolate from the water.

SAY—Just like the chocolate and the water can’t be separated because they have been joined together, when you give your life to Jesus, you are joined to Him and nothing can separate you from His love.

Read Romans 8:38-39 from your Bible.

ASK—What can separate you from the love of Christ? (Nothing—not even you. After all, you are a “created thing”)

SAY—Once you’ve given your life to Christ, nothing can separate you from Him.

Read John 10:28-29 from your Bible.

Put a small marshmallow in your hand and make a fist. Ask if anyone thinks they can pull it out. Let them take turns trying. Even let them use two hands or join in together. The only way for them to get it out is to be stronger than you.

ASK—Is anyone stronger than God?  (No.)

SAY—Then no one is able to pull you out of His hands and He will never let go of you. He loves you and will always keep you in His hands.

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