These fast-paced, Nickelodeon-style activities will challenge your students to know and follow Jesus. They are fun and crazy without creating too much of a mess and each of them makes a great point. It’s mess within limits. After all, someone has to clean it up! We first created SlimeTimes as a part of an effort to re-energize a Wednesday evening program called “PrimeTime,” meaning that now is the “prime-time” to know and follow Jesus. Every other week we would have a special SlimeTime activity. The volunteers we used were usually students who had memorized verses or had done something else spiritually significant that we wanted to highlight or recognize, as a way of challenging other students to do the same. SlimeTimes were an immediate hit.

SlimeTime Activities

Did You Know?*

Did you know that there was a short-lived syndicated game show in 1988 called Slime Time. Stunts used on Slime Time included:

Meat-A Balls: Each team member had a large plate of spaghetti, with meatballs inside. When the host gave the signal, each one stuck their face in the spaghetti, trying to pick up the meatball with their teeth. The first team to find all their meatballs won.

Thread The Needle: The kids had to throw slime-filled balloons to their teacher, who would catch them and place them in a bucket. The catch was that each balloon had to go through a large hoop, the inside rimmed with nails. The team with the most balloons in 20 seconds won.

Through the Looking Glass: Each kid was given a handheld mirror and a measuring cup full of slime. They had their backs to their teachers, who were sitting on the floor with a large bowl on their head. The kids had to pour the slime into the bowl without turning their heads or bodies, using the mirror to see where the slime was going. The team with more slime in their bowl after 20 seconds won.

*Information taken from, August 2008.

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