Rolled Away

You will need:

-Something that can be easily blown like a balloon, a ping-pong ball, a leaf, etc.

-A rock or stone or something that cannot be blown.

-Something like string, thread, or yarn to make a circle on the floor. (If you don’t have any of these, then use several pairs of shoes stretching the shoelaces around in a circle.)

-A Bible marked at Luke 24:1-7

Get Started

Take turns blowing the balloon (or ping-pong ball or whatever item can be easily blown) into the circle. For something such as a balloon, start in a different room but for harder items, such as a leaf, start closer to the circle. See how fast they can move the item into the circle. Then take the rock (or the item that cannot be blown) and put it just a few inches from the circle. Ask them to blow it in. Let your whole family try—even at the same time. No matter what you do, you won’t be able to move it without picking it up.

SAY: After Jesus died, they buried him in a cave-like tomb with a huge rock that covered the opening. Three days later some women were coming to the tomb when they realized that they hadn’t planned on having to roll the stone away.

ASK: What do you think they did?

SAY: They didn’t have to do anything. The stone had already been moved. When Jesus rose from the dead, the stone was rolled away. Jesus defeated death so that we could share His life.

Read Luke 24:1-7

PRAY—Thank Jesus for loving us so much that he died and rose again to make a way for us to know Him, to be forgiven of our sins, and to go to heaven to be with Him someday.


Breakfast Bites

What’s the coolest place you could ever go? (Heaven will be the greatest place ever.)

How do you think a person can know for sure that they’re going to heaven? (By giving their life to Jesus.)

What do you think people will do in heaven? (The idea of sitting on clouds, playing harps, and so forth is not Biblical, and although the Bible doesn’t give us all the information we might want about what we will do in heaven, there is something you can know for sure: Heaven will be the best and most exciting place ever where you will see God face to face.

Read Revelation 21:3-4

(If your kids want to know more about heaven, take a look at Revelation 21:1-22:5)

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