Family Easter Activity – Resurrection Rolls


“Taste and see that God is good” (Psalm 34:8)


Items needed: Crescent Rolls and Large Marshmallows

Wrap a large marshmallow inside a crescent roll so that just one end is showing. Explain to your child that this is like tomb in which they laid Jesus. The roll is like the tomb or the hill in which the tomb was made. The marshmallow at the opening is like the stone they rolled to cover the entrance after Jesus died on the cross.

Roll your creation in cinnamon sugar. Let your child taste some cinnamon without sugar. It won’t taste very good. Now mix some sugar with it and let them taste again. Cinnamon without sugar is missing something. Life without Jesus is missing something too—You were created to know and walk with Jesus.

While the rolls are cooking, read John 20:1-18

Cook the rolls according to their baking instructions. When they are finished, the marshmallows will have melted—They’ll be gone! This is like how the disciples found the tomb—with the stone rolled away and Jesus no longer inside.

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