Leave a Legacy

Don’t Just Leave an Inheritance…Leave a Legacy

    Listen to the story of two families: We read that in 1677 a licentious man married a licentious woman. From that union came 1900 descendants. Of these descendants 771 were criminals, 39 were murderers; only 10 learned a trade and they learned it in prison. They spent a combined total of 1,300 years in prison and cost the state of New York nearly three million dollars. That is what two ungodly people in marriage did for the United States.

     But look at the record of the Edwards’ family, the family of Jonathan Edwards, the great preacher. A godly man married a godly woman. They had 1,344 descendants. Of this number 295 were college graduates, 13 were college professors, 65 were college presidents, 186 were ministers, 101 were lawyers, 86 were state senators, and 3 were congressmen. There were also 30 judges and one vice-president of the United States. Not one of these descendants was ever accused of crime. This is what two godly people in marriage can do for the world. 1

The way you live your life not only affects you, but also your children’s children’s children. You will never see in this life the full impact of how you lived, so make sure that your kids see you living for Jesus every day.

1W. Herschel Ford, Sermons You Can Preach on John, (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House, 1958), p. 126

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