What Does God Seek?

What Does God Seek?

Scripture: Luke 10:19 & 2 Peter 3:9

YOU WILL NEED: Waterballoons to throw or shoot with a waterballoon slingshot.

Game: Waterballoon Shoot (give buckets)

Give each child a bucket and put them out in an open outside area. (For large groups, you will need to split them into groups of about 5 to 8). You will either throw or shoot a waterballoon. Their goal is to catch it—even if it explodes—in their bucket.


(1) One rule is that the student cannot hold the bucket over his head. When this happens, the balloon hits the bucket and knocks it into his head. They MUST hold the bucket in front of their stomach or use their shirt.

(2) Waterballoon slingshots can be bought fairly cheaply  from a variety of vendors onlne. One excellent resource is www.usgames.com.

(3) If you buy a waterballoon slingshot, make sure that the sponsors operating it understand that they can NEVER shoot it directly at a student. It must only be used for shoot the waterballoon in the air with a loft. See the waterballoon slingshot’s instructions for more information on this.


What were you seeking for in the game? (To catch the balloons)

What do you think God seeks for? (Today were going to find out.)

Read Luke 10:19

Read 2 Peter 3:9

KEY: God seeks for everyone to be saved.

(NOTE: Great stories to share here could come from Luke 15—where the women seeks the lost coin; the shepherd seeks the lost sheep and the father waits for the lost sons.)

(For older children)

If God wants everyone to go to heaven, why did He create Hell? (According to Matthew 25, He made hell for the devil and the other angels who rebelled against Him, but when we sinned, it became our punishment too.)

Does God send anybody to Hell? (No, people send themselves there by choosing not to give their lives to Jesus–God has done everything He can to save everyone.)

What if someone never hears about Jesus, will they go to heaven? (No, a person must give their life to Jesus.)

Is that fair? (Yes, the Bible says that God has built eternity into our hearts–that even creation teaches the Gospel and if someone hasn’t heard about Jesus and they seek the truth, God will make a way for them to find it. If not hearing about Jesus could get a person into heaven, then we shouldn’t do missions and Jesus would have never told us to “go.” Jesus told us to go into all the world because not knowing about Jesus is not an excuse for not seeking and finding Him.

KEY: Each of us can be a part of telling others about Jesus and showing people the way to heaven.

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