Stay Away

Stay Away from Sin

Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:22 / (Extra Option: Genesis 4:1-16)

YOU WILL NEED: A stack of regular, white paper and a trash bag.

Stay Away from Sin

As Kids Enter

As children enter the room, let them begin wading up each individual piece of paper. You may want to designate a certain place for them to put these—i.e., in the trash bag.

Paper Push

Split your kids into two teams. Use a line or the tiles on the floor (or a piece of tape, if you desire) to divide one team’s area from the other team’s area. Have each team get on the floor on opposite sides of this line. Tell them that you are going to dump out all the paper wads and when you do, they are supposed to begin pushing (not throwing) them onto the other team’s side. The team that has the least amount of paper on their side at the end of 1 minute is the winner. Play this game two or three times.

(Suggestion: Collect all the paper wads in the trash bag after each game before you discuss the game’s meaning  with them.)


SAY: In the game you tried to get the paper as far away from you as you could. We should do the same with sin. They Bible says to “flee” or “run away” from sin (bad things).

Read from your Bible:

2 Timothy 2:22

Ask the students: What are some examples of sin or “evil desires”? (Ask a volunteer or two.)

Ask the students: How do you think a person can stay away from doing bad things?

Paper-to-Foot-Dodge Ball

Tell the kids to spread out in the room, still on their team’s side. Set a chair in the middle to be a visual reminder of where each team’s side is. Tell them that when you say “Go,” they are going to play foot Dodge Ball. They will throw the paper wads at the feet of the opposite team. One hit (on the foot) and the student is out. (The adult leaders will need to help make judgment calls if necessary.) When out students need to sit down against the walls that you designate for them. If a student throws a paper wad and it accidentally hits someone on the chest or above, even though it was an accident, the person who threw it is out. They are aiming only at the feet.

Play the game two times….


SAY: In the game you wanted to dodge the paper wads. There are a few things in life that God wants you to dodge. God wants you do dodge sin.

Ask the students: What are some ways you can dodge sin? (Walk with Jesus, go to church, pray, read the Bible, etc.)

Ask the students: How can you help others dodge sin? (Tell them about Jesus; if they are doing something wrong, help them to choose to do what’s right, etc.)

Play the Game Again…


SAY: A minute ago I told you some things that God wants you to dodge in life, but there are also some things that God does not want you to dodge or “miss out” on—He doesn’t want you to miss out on REAL life—which only comes from Jesus, or to miss out on giving your life to Christ, or to miss out on the love, peace, and joy that comes only from knowing God.

Ask the students: What are some other things that God doesn’t want you to miss out on? (Going to church, reading your Bible, obeying Him, worshipping Him, etc.)

Extra Time

If you have extra time:

(1)   Try other variations to the game.

(2)   The story of Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:1-16) illustrates the point of this lesson quite well, especially in Genesis 4:7 where God warns Cain that sin is “crouching” at the door for him and for him to master it. Discuss with your students ways in which they can overcome or “master” sin. How might Cain have dealt with his anger in a correct way? Was he angry for a good reason? (No. He had not brought God an acceptable offering. Instead, he brought the fruit of his own hard work.) Do you think that Cain was angry at Abel or at God? What makes you angry? How can you avoid or “dodge” sin when you get angry? (Be angry for the right reason, have the right response and don’t let anger last long so that it doesn’t turn into bitterness.)

(3)   Always make time to pray for and with your students.

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