Not Alone

Not Alone

Discussion: Us and Others

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 &

YOU WILL NEED: A few pencils.

Control Tool:

Leader: What’s Life all about? Students: It’s all about Jesus!

Game: Back-to-Back

Have students get in pairs and sit back to back. Tell them to lock arms (at the elbow), push against each other’s backs, and see if they can both stand up.

Have them find different partners and try it again several times.

SAY: In the game you and your partner had to work together to succeed. In life God has given you brothers and sisters in Christ to help you succeed in your Christian life.

ASK: Who is your brother or sister in Christ? (Everyone who has given their lives to Jesus is part of God’s family are all brothers and sisters in Christ.)

ASK: How can you help others to grow in their relationship with Jesus? (You can encourage them, be an example to them, correct them when they do something wrong, take them to church, etc.)

Read Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Choose a volunteer—have him break a pencil.

Choose another volunteer—to try to break three or more pencils. Give a couple of kids who have been listening and participating well a chance to try.

SAY: Just like the Bible said, two or three is stronger than just one. That’s one reason God gave us each other—to help each other stand strong for Jesus.

Game: Off Balance

SAY: We are going to play a game that uses two people at a time.

Choose two volunteers—to stand toe to toe. Then they clasp hands so that their fingers are woven together. On your signal, the partners attempt to push or pull each other off balance. The first person to move his or her foot loses the round. Then keep the winner up front and choose a new challenger. Let all the students who are listening well have a turn.

SAY: In the game you were trying to throw each other off-balance. In life that would be like someone pushing you the wrong way.

ASK: What are some things that a Christian could do to push people away from knowing and growing with Jesus? (The opposite of what we just talked about—Instead of helping them, you hurt them or call them names or are mean to them. Instead of encouraging others by living for Jesus, you hold them back by doing things that are wrong.)

SAY: With your life you can either be the type of person who helps others up or you can be the type that helps others fall. If you choose to be the type who doesn’t walk with Jesus, you’ll miss out on all the great things God has in store for you.

Take prayer requests and pray

(If there’s extra time, play Simon Says and briefly talk about being like Jesus.)

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