Let Love Flow

Let Love Flow

Discussion: Sharing God’s love

YOU WILL NEED: Crepe paper streamers.

Let Love Flow*

Instruct your class to stand in a circle. Make sure the crepe paper streamers are easily accessible. Explain that when you say go, you are going call out a name and say, “[Name], here’s Jesus’ love.” Hold the end of the crepe paper and throw the streamers to the person whose name you called. Then that student will call someone else’s name and toss it to them. Be sure to tell them to hang onto the roll before throwing it. Tell the others to keep their eyes open and be ready to catch the roll.  Keep going until every one is holding onto the crepe paper. If you desire, keep going until everyone has thrown it two or three times or until you run out of paper. Encourage the kids to move quickly as they “pass Jesus’ love” to the others.

SAY: On the count of three, we’re going to see how quickly you can throw all the paper in the trash can and have a seat in the circle. Ready…1-2-3…Go!

Control Tool

Leader: Let Jesus’ love flow / Students: Wherever you go!


Ask the students: What happened as “Jesus’ love” flowed? (It tangled us up; it was funny; it made a mess.)

Ask the students: How is this like or unlike what happens when we share Jesus’ love in real life? (Both are fun; sharing Jesus’ love doesn’t make a mess, etc.)

Ask the students: What might happen in your school if kids and teachers let Jesus’ love flow? (Kids wouldn’t get teased; everyone would have a friend; we’d be a lot happier; people would help each other.)

SAY: When we played the game, it really changed the game area. Streamers and pieces of streamers were everywhere. Imagine how people who love Jesus can change their schools, their homes, and  even their world if they would let Jesus’ love flow wherever they go.

Ask the students: Where are some places you go during the week? What is one way you could show Jesus’ love in each of these places?


SAY: When you share Jesus with others, His love flows from one person to another—sort of like a wave. In fact, we’re going to see how fast we can make a wave flow around our circle. I’ll start it and it will move around the circle to the left. Let’s see how fast we can do it. Ready…Go! (Throw your hands up, then look to the person to your right. As it moves around, encourage your kids by saying, “Keep going. Faster. Faster.” If a student doesn’t do it, look to the person to their right and say, “Keep going, [Name],” so that it just moves past them but doesn’t draw attention to them.)

Do it again, but this time, as the wave goes around, have the students shout out the name of their schools. (Home-schoolers can just say, “Home.”)

SAY: If you have given your life to Jesus, you can share God’s love with others wherever you go.

Control Tool

Leader: Let Jesus’ love flow / Students: Wherever you go!

Extra Time

If you have any extra time, take a glass of water and pour it out all over a table. Tell the kids that it’s their job to stop the water from flowing down to (or getting on) the floor. Then discuss with them things that sometimes stop people from letting Jesus’ love flow through them—i.e., being afraid, being embarrassed, not knowing what other people might think or say, feeling like they don’t know enough, etc. Should anything stop us from letting Jesus’ love flow to others? Who is someone this week that you can show Jesus’ love to? How do you plan to do this?

*Games adapted from Group Publishing’s 2004 VBS curriculum, “Lava, Lava Island, Follow-Up Planner.”

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