Arriving in India: How God Passed Us Through Customs

God blessed our trip. We flew over Iraq, just next to Bagdad and landed in Bahrain where we boarded our second flight into India. One of our concerns had been going through customs and entering the country. We had been told by several different people that they will deny entry if they believe you are coming to share Christ. India had granted us a five year visas but on the visa it specifically states that they can still refuse entry into the country, even after arriving. This had become a matter of prayer for us because our family believes that any form of deceit is wrong. Lying to justify a greater good is still lying and God has been very clear in Scripture concerning the truthfulness of His people. If they had asked us, “Are you followers of Christ?” Or, “Did you come for the purpose of sharing the Gospel,” we would have answered truthfully and trusted God with the results. It’s not our job to “bail God out.” It’s our job to live for Him and let Him take care of the details. We knew that some of our answers, if asked specific questions, could have caused trouble and we had committed all of this to the Lord and He had given us a great peace. So, on arriving, we were expecting at least the kind of questions we were asked when we entered England: What sites are you planning to visit? What are some things you plan to do while in our country? What are you most looking forward to on your trip? In England on our way through customs, they asked all three of our kids (even Ezri) questions like this.

We ate at McDonalds in the Bahrain airport.

But here is how God shows His glory. On arrival we needed to get our visas finalized. They asked us no questions. As we entered customs, we showed our stamped passports with the visa. They asked us no questions. When we arrived at custom, they said nothing and simply waved us though without hardly a glance. Suddenly we were in the airport, meeting the pastor’s son, Sunil. He asked us what they had asked because he had also heard that the government was making it more difficult for people to enter the country for the purpose of sharing Christ. 

God is good and this is just one of many ways that we see Him answering prayers.

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