Temptation Tools

-1 Nail
-A magnet
-Some paper clips or something else that is small and metal.
-A Bible marked at Psalm 119:11 and Matthew 4:3-11

Try to pick up the paper clips by touching them with the nail. It won’t work.

Now hold the magnet to the head of the nail and touch the point to the paper clips. What happened? What changed?

SAY—Just like the magnet gave the nail the ability to pick up the paper clips, God gives you the ability and the strength to say no to doing wrong things. The magnet became a tool to help the nail pick up the paper clips and God has given you a tool to help you say no to temptation.

Read Psalm 119:11 from your Bible.

ASK—What tool does this verse mention that helps you keep away from doing bad things?

ASK—What other tools has God given you to help keep you away from sin? (Your parents, Sunday School teachers, Christian friends, etc.)

Read Matthew 4:3-11 from your Bible.

ASK—What tool did Jesus use when He was tempted?
PRAY—And thank God for giving you the tools to overcome temptation.

ASK—What are some temptations you see your friends facing? (Let your children respond. Some answers might include lying, cheating, disobeying parents, etc.)

ASK—How can you help your friends say no to temptation?

ASK—How can you help your friends to follow Jesus?

Read 1 Corinthians 10:13

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