Christmas Family Devotion #5


You will need:

  • 1 roll of toilet paper
  • A Bible marked at Luke 2:11-12

Get Started

Wrap your children from head to toe in toilet paper (Or you can use wrapping paper.) (NOTE: Be careful that they don’t fall over and are unable to catch themselves.) Keep them wrapped while you continue with the following.

ASK—How does it feel to be wrapped up like a gift?

SAY—Since you’re wrapped up like a toilet-papered, Christmas gift, I want you to know that you are a special gift from God to us and we love you and are proud of you.

On the count of three, have them break free as fast as they can. Put the toilet paper aside.

ASK—Do you know how the greatest gift in the world was wrapped?

SAY—Listen to what the Bible says and let’s find out.

Read Luke 2:11-12 from your Bible.

ANSWER—The greatest gift in the world was wrapped in cloths and laid in a manger. Jesus is the greatest gift of all.

ASK—Do you know what the name Jesus means?

SAY—“Jesus” means “He saves,” and that’s why Jesus came, to become the Savior of the world by taking the punishment for all the wrong things we would ever do so that we could be forgiven and have a way to go to heaven.

PRAY—Thank Jesus for being our Savior.

After you’re done, feel free to have a toilet paper fight or time your family to see who can pick up the most squares of toilet paper the fastest. Always have fun and even enjoy the clean-up!

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