A Matter of When…

Kolby and I have always wanted to adopt. We dreamed of adopting even before we were married. Looking back I realize that we have been preparing for this adoption for a long time. Years of coming to this point. This moment in time. It is mind blowing to stop and think of the things God works out. Over years and time He weaves together people and lives. Situations and experiences. He purposes us for His glory and His calling. This adoption is something He set in our minds and hearts over 15 years ago and now He continues to prepare us for life with our new child. Pray for us as we wait. We are all so excited to meet our baby. In one moment this child will go from being alone, to being a part of a family. With a Dad and mom, and four older brothers. Adoption makes a difference. It may not change the world. But for this one child it will change their world.

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