The Phone Just Rang!

Titus_smallThe phone rang today. I looked down to see that our adoption agency was calling. My heart jumped and I turned to show it to Mary Beth. We both froze for a moment, smiling, wondering if this could be the call…

The boys started whispering, “Who is it?” “Who is it?” “Who is it?”

Then Titus turned to his brothers, quiet and serious and said, “It’s the President.”

It wasn’t the call we’ve been waiting for—just an update from our agency, but it was good to get a taste of what that moment might be like.

Please continue to pray for us. We have a long way to go to raise the funds necessary for our adoption. If you would like to give, please visit (tax-deductible) or send us your gift at P.O. Box 2334, Owasso, OK 74055 (non-deductible.)

Thank you!

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