20 Questions Series, part 6


Explain to your family that they are trying to guess a secret object. You will give them a hint such as “This is a person, place, or thing.” Let each person one at a time choose a number between 1 and 20 and whatever number is chosen, read that number clue. After hearing the clue, the person will try to guess the answer. See who will be the first person to discover the hidden object. For fun, you can also have your family create more turns by choosing and developing their own “20 Questions” which you can play following your family devotion.


The answer can be found at the end of the clues.

1. I’m smaller than you

2. You can carry me

3. I have many pages

4. I tell many stories

5. I am your guide

6. I always tell the truth

7. I never make a mistake

8. I can help you to follow God

9. Nobody gives better advice than me

10. Many people take me to church

11. Lots of people have me

12. Some people argue about me

13. I am a book

14. I tell people about Jesus

15. Some people read me everyday

16. Some people never read me

17. I tell the greatest message in the world

18. I have many chapters

19. I have 66 books in me

20. I share with people God’s truth in two testaments


Answer: The Bible or God’s Word


Have your family race to see who can get their Bibles and get back first.

Show your family an easy way to find the book of Psalms by opening to the middle of the Bible. This usually will put you in Psalms or Proverbs. Help your family find Psalm 119 (the longest chapter in the Bible) and then to find and read verse 105.

Read Psalm 119:105

ASK: What does this verse mean?

SAY: Imagine walking through the dark. You can’t see where you are going or what is in front of you. What do you need? (A light.)

SAY: God’s Word is a lamp to our feet. It shows us how to live, what to do, and what not to do…God’s Word is also a light to our path. It shows us God’s plans for us.

SAY: On a dark path, you can’t always see everything that is ahead but you can see enough to know where to step next. God’s Word will always guide you in every situation to know God’s plan for you.

ASK: How can we, as a family, know God’s Word better?

Take prayer requests and PRAY with your family.


(EXTRA: Make the word “Word” your Word of the Day and see how many times your family can use it in conversations in the next 24 hours.)


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