20 Questions Series, part 5


Explain to your family that they are trying to guess a secret object. You will give them a hint such as “This is a person, place, or thing.” Let each person one at a time choose a number between 1 and 20 and whatever number is chosen, read that number clue. After hearing the clue, the person will try to guess the answer. See who will be the first person to discover the hidden object. For fun, you can also have your family create more turns by choosing and developing their own “20 Questions” which you can play following your family devotion.

Hint: I am a Place

The answer can be found at the end of the clues.

1. I am in your house

2. You sleep in me

3. I usually have four walls

4. I many times have a window

5. You might share me with someone else

6. I end with the letter M

7. Your parents probably tell you to clean me

8. I’m your place in the house

9. You probably play in me

10. I probably keep your clothes in me

11. I probably keep your toys in me

12. You might get sent here if you disobey

13. You can bring your friends to play in me

14. You might do your homework in me

15. I’m bigger than you are

16. Almost everyone has one

17. You probably put your special things here

18. I might be your favorite place in the house

19. You spend several hours each day in me

20. I have a door


Answer: Your Room


SAY: It’s good to have a place of your own and the Bible says that Jesus is preparing a place for those who have received Him as their Lord and Savior.

Read John 14:1-3

ASK: What is Jesus talking about in these verses?

SAY: Jesus said this the day before He died. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, He made a way for us to be saved and to spend forever with Him in Heaven.

(If you want, this would be a good time to share with your kids when and how you received Jesus as your Savior.)

SAY: Knowing Jesus is the best part of life. And since we know Jesus we can tell others about Him too.

Take prayer requests and PRAY for your family.


(EXTRA: Make the word “Room” your Word of the Day and see how many times your family can use it in conversations in the next 24 hours.)


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