Changed Lives

Changed Lives

Discussion: God can change lives

Scripture: Philippians 3:10, 14 & 2 Corinthians 5:17

YOU WILL NEED: No items needed

Game: Catepillar Races

Divide your group into teams of 4 to 10 students. Have each team stand in a straight line. All of the team members need to stand with their legs far enough apart for another student to crawl beneath them. On “go” the last person in line will crawl beneath the legs of all the other team members and stand up at the front with his/her legs spread apart. As soon as there is room the second person at the end of the line will begin following them and crawling through as well and so forth until every team members has crawled through everyone else legs. The first team to complete this wins. If you have small group, you may want to have them crawl through two or three times.(NOTE: Girls in dresses do not need to participate in this game.)

What was your goal in the game?

What is your goal in life?

What does God want your goal to be?

Read Phil. 3:14 (This was Paul’s Goal)

What do you think this verse means? (That Paul wanted to do everything God wanted him to do.)

How did he plan to do this?

He tells us in Phil. 3:10. (He wanted to know God and be like Jesus regardless of the cost.)

Game: Leap Frog

(Girls in dresses will need to run around the person once instead of leap-frogging over them)

What does a catepillar and a frog have in common? (They both go through a big change in life.)

A catepillar changed from a catepillar to a what? (a butterfly)

A frog changes from a what to a frog? (a tadpole)

When a person gives their life to Jesus, he brings a different kind of change.

Read 2 Corinthians 5:17

What do you think this verse means? (When a person is saved, Jesus gives them a brand new life and takes their sins away.)

How can Jesus take a person’s sin away?

Share your salvation testimony.

Prayer Time

Take Prayer requests and pray—Ask if any of your kids want to pray for the group.

If you have extra time:

Play one of the games again, then briefly review what it meant.

Sing a song

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