When I was a little girl my family would stop by Circle K on the way to church. My dad would always get a roll of lifesavers which would thrill my heart.

Later on during church, right about the time the preaching would start, my dad would pull out the roll and open one end. I would wait and hope that the first one was red. They were my favorites. My dad would always say you eat the one that comes first. No digging. But when it wasn’t the color I wanted he would help me find people around that would take one off the top. He was even known for eating two or three to let me get to the one I wanted.

I remember one Sunday when it came time to pull out the lifesavers my dad reached in his pocket and pulled out the roll. When he opened his hand I couldn’t believe it. It was an entire roll of completely red lifesavers! He smiled so big. He knew I would be happy. He wanted to make me happy. Then my dad opened the roll, pulled out two and we both popped them in.

God does the same thing for us. He knows us better than we know oursleves. He knows our favorite things and wants to thrill our hearts. So don’t forget to climb up in His lap and see what He has in His pocket.

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