Author of Salvation

God is the Author of salvation.
For some people this is can be hard to grasp. I don’t mean this in an arrogant way. I think that for some Christians we take advantage of the knowledge that we hold on to. We flaunt the grace that we wear. But for some they ask questions. Not because they don’t believe. But simply because they don’t understand. They live in fear of seeking answers because people may think the worst. They want to understand. They just don’t.

I had a woman come and talk to me one day. She wanted to know why Jesus had to die. “Why didn’t God just forgive us?” she ask. I went on to explain the price and punishment for sin and that we couldn’t pay it ourselves. We needed a Savior. Jesus, being God’s Son and being perfect, was and is that Savior. I used illustrations and scripture to show her and still she would say, “But why? His only Son. Why?” She ask countless questions. All of them good. She was truly seeking. She wanted to understand. We talked for quite some time. She told me she was sorry for being difficult. I explained that this is what she is supposed to do. I told her that I understood the need to know and understand God. She ask one more time, “Why couldn’t He just forgive us.” So I said, “Jesus, His life and death and resurrection, was God’s forgiveness to us.” I told her that there are some answers that can only be found at the feet of God. Some things we just have to wrestle through. She had no reason to feel bad. She needed to seek out the truth.
Not having answers is not a reflection of our spiritual depth. You shouldn’t feel bad if you don’t “get something.” If you want to measure the depth of your spirituality then measure it by your true heart’s desire to know and understand God more. Stop worrying about what other Christians may think and seek Him. Don’t limit your search to a single story or passage of the Bible. Read it for the whole. Study it for the whole. Because, like the woman I talked to, her answers were not just found in the Gospels. But rather the answers had been weaved all through the Scriptures. Old and New Testaments. God. His character. His plan. His love for us is written from beginning to end. So search it. Study it. Come to know God through His truth. Fall in love with Him. He is the Author. And He’s been planning, writing your salvation from the beginning.
“In the beginning God…” Genesis 1:1

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