Nap Time…

I can remember a time when, a little while after lunch, the whole house would become quiet.  I had at least an hour to do what ever I wanted or needed to do. My boys would lay down for a nap and there was silence.

Rest… pure rest. Rest from the noise, and mess, and constant need for my attention. I love my boys, but after six or so hours of running after them, wiping noses, changing diapers, preparing food, and answering the SAME question a hundred times, I’m ready for their naps. They are loving and fun boys, but they can be exhausting. I need a break.

Everyone needs a break. Everyone needs time to think and be still. We need rest. Sometimes we need to hide. Life is no different. We need to get away and be still to make sure our focus is on Christ. Life can be exhausting. We need to sit a the feet of God and there find rest.

It’s so important to spend time with God, and not because it’s a Christian’s duty. It’s not that your checking off another item of your “What Makes Me Righteous” checklist.

I have this friend named Sarah, she’s one of my closest friends. I love her and I think she is one the most awesome people I have ever known. Let’s say we had met but then never talked, or gotten to know each other. We wouldn’t be as close as we are today. Or what if she found out that I was only being friends with her because someone thought I should. Talking to her out of some sort of obligation rather than pure want to. It would mean nothing to her. That isn’t true friendship. Your relationship with God isn’t any different. If your “spending time” with Him because your pastor tells you to, or because you think the simple act of reading your Bible makes you more righteous, then you have missed the point of a relationship with God. You spend time with those you love. Spending time with God isn’t just reading your Bible and saying a quick prayer to get you through another day. It’s coming before Almighty God and saying “I want to know you more.”

God wants us to be with Him, and He wants to be with us. We need to take time to get away. Or else, you may find yourself much like I am after days of no naps for my boys. Tired, a little grouchy, and in desperate need of some time. You need time, time with the God who loves you. Spend it how you want. Sit with Him in silence, go for a walk. Maybe listen to some music, or breakout in a song of your own. Just take the time. Take time to get to know the God who saved you from sin and made a way for you to go to Heaven. He offers more than just Heaven, He offers… Himself. Read your Bible, tell Him about your day, or just be still.

So… while I’m left waiting intently for my boys to take a nap, just to escape for a while, I can, at any time, escape to the feet of my Lord Jesus, who makes this life worth living.

“Be still and know that I am God…”( Psalm 46:10)

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