Sleeping on the Train | Heading Home

Mary Beth and Ezri in our train compartment.

We left Chennai by train around 7pm. Our compartment had four beds because we wouldn’t arrive back in Hyderabad until 6:30am the next morning. It was a great experience and a much more comfortable ride than I had expected. The only issue was that the beds were plastic leather and as you slept your skin would stick to it so that when you sat up it was like pulling duct tape off your skin.


Our sleeping compartment on the overnight train.


Goodbyes through the train window. Ezri is blowing a kiss.

The next morning we checked back into a hotel, mainly to rest for a while and to leave our luggage while we visited the market. In the photo below Mary Beth is buying a few decorative handkerchiefs from the boys. We asked Sunil if these boys should be in school and he told us that because of their family situation, they were needed to work, selling items on the street to help support their family and because of this they would not get an education. Pray for these young men and other like them who are doing their best to survive from day to day.

Finally, we loaded our luggage and headed to the airport at around 6pm. We’ll fly to London and arrive at 6:30am, check into a hotel there for one day and one night and fly out the following day to finally go home.


On the train.
Nathan’s bed on the train.
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