At the University: I was crying when he preached about our Jesus Christ

We shared at a university while in Chennai, India. Although the president of the school is Hindu, she gave us permission to share our belief in Christ.

The students and faculty listened intently as I shared. Afterwards I was told that all of the professors had attended and more students than they had expected. I was also told that they had never listened to any speaker that well before. Usually the students would be going in and out of the room and the man who invited us told me that he was even afraid that they might heckle me. This Lord removed these obstacles, not because of me, but because the Holy Spirit was moving.

After the meeting one of the Christian students sent the text in the picture above to one of the professors: “I was crying when he preached about our Jesus Christ…I was totally shattered before entering the auditorium. After his preaching I was filled up with joy and happiness in Christ.”

Please pray for the University in Chennai. Pray for the president of the school—She is very kind and intelligent. Pray that God will touch her heart and open her eyes to the truth of the Gospel. Pray for the Hindu professors and the students here who heard the Gospel. Pray also for this Christian professor who is a light in darkness.

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