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Christmas Family Devotion #1


You will need:
  • A Blindfold
  • Two drinks or food items that you know your child likes.
  • One drink or food item that you figure your child will dislike.
  • Your Bible marked at Philippians 4:4.

Get Started

Send your children to another room while you find three drinks or food items, two that you know they like and at least one that you figure they won’t like. For example, you might use chocolate milk, Pepsi, and prune or pickle juice. Then blindfold your children and bring them in one at a time to be a “Taste Tester.” Give them the item they won’t like last.

ASKDid you get what you expected?

SAY—Sometimes in life we get what we expect, sometimes we don’t. Bad things can even happen to good people, but listen to what the Bible says about what we should do when bad things happen.

Read Philippians 4:4 from your Bible.

ASKWhen “bad” things happen, what can you do? (Make the choice to rejoice.)

ASKWhy do you think you can always rejoice? (Because God is faithful. He’ll never let you down. He’ll always keep His Word. You can trust Him, etc.)

ASKWhat are some things our family can rejoice about? (Don’t just list good things. Also list things that they might consider

to be “bad.” For example, we can rejoice even though daddy lost his job. Why? Because we trust God and we know He won’t let us down.)

PRAY—And thank God that no matter what happens in our lives, because of who He is, we can make the choice to rejoice.

NOTE: If your children want a further answer about why they can rejoice in the middle of difficult times, explain that sometimes we do wrong things and these bad choices bring “bad” things into our lives. But sometimes we do everything right and someone else does something wrong and we get hurt because of it. Even so, there’s nothing your children will ever do that is so bad that God can’t forgive them and there’s nothing so bad that can happen to them that God can’t turn it around to their good if they love Him and are walking with Him. (See Romans 8:28 for a great promise.)

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