Our Mission

Churches are struggling and dying. A number of the churches that we once knew no longer exist. Petty fights. Division. Unconfronted sin. Selfish ambition. Apathy. And a non-eternal focus that keeps us inside the walls of our churches are killing us.

We just completed a study of churches from a leading denomination in Oklahoma. More than 1/3 of their churches (37%) with hundreds of ministers and thousands of weekly attenders only baptized one person or less. 9% baptized no one! Hence, the reason their denomination is declining and probably the reason they are now monthly publishing the churches who have disbanded. Although our study focused on one denomination, we’re finding similar results throughout American Christianity.

For this cause, we have committed ourselves to providing quality, affordable training, resources and events to challenge and strengthen churches and to help reach our communities for Christ.

We provide:

  • RESOURCES – Find youth, children, & family resources.
  • EVENTS – Discover great events for your ministry. We use creative tools such as ventriloquism, stunts with six-foot balloons, illusions, drama and more to share the Gospel with all ages.
  • HAVE YOUR OWN CHURCH APP – For iPhone/iPad and Android -Create a powerful outreach tool. -Keep people connected to your church. -Built specifically for your ministry.
  • PARTNERSHIPS – One of our frustrations in full-time evangelism was going to a church for a one-time event without being able to help the church before or after or in an on-going capacity. As a result, we are seeking supporting churches to adopt our ministry as their US missionaries (for lack of a better term). Our partner churches will allow us to have on-going ministries inside smaller congregations who lack financial resources. In return we will also devote ourselves to the ministry success of our supporting churches.

Contact us for more details about how you can join us in this great mission or visit our Partner page.


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