Mealtime Musings

Make the most of your mealtimes together and let theĀ Mealtime Musing. Family conversation is the focus here; this isn’t a devotion time, but a time of talking, listening and enjoying each other. Sometimes our family tells jokes, especially “Knock, Knock” jokes since we have young children. Sometimes we have serious conversations. Sometimes we play a game where if someone has their elbows on the tables while they’re eating, we sing a song to them and they have to run around the house–and, yes, I too have had to run around the house. Sometimes we even play with our food–on purpose, and we always talk about our day. And it might abhor you, but we have even been known to have belching competitions. (By the way, our children do have manners and know when this is and isn’t acceptable!) One night we sat at the table for nearly two hours after we finished eating, playing games with left-over marshmallows. I share all this to say, be creative and have fun. Enjoy your family and have a good talk. Use our ideas if they fit your family but don’t make it a curriculum. Just spend some quality time with one another.

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