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Control Tools

Learn how to use teaching control tools with your children.

Build Your Own Lesson

Learn effective ways to build your own lessons.


Learn more about how to use discipline situations as an opportunity.

Children’s Leader Devotions

An effective children’s ministry invests in three key elements: children, parents, and volunteer leaders. The following weekly devotions are a means of spiritually challenging and encouraging your volunteers and can be printed and mailed, posted to a website, or sent by e-mail. You can also provide your church’s login information so that your leaders will have direct access to this page.

Kids Say the Deepest Things

The following questions were randomly asked to children in kindergarten through fifth grade. These were their answers. Some are funny, some are insightful, some show us where our kids stand in their discipleship, and some prove that kids can say the deepest things.

Kids Say the Deepest Things–Book 1 – 53 questions–222 answers

Kids Say the Deepest Things–Book 2 – 34 questions–158 answers

Stories about Children

Other Teaching Stories
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