Keep Knocking

YOU WILL NEED: No items needed. A Bible.

Tell some Knock, Knock jokes and let your children also try to make some up if they want too. Here are some examples:


Knock, Knock / Who’s There?

-Ima / Ima Who? / Ima a really hungry. Can we order a pizza?

-Shirley / Shirley Who? / Surely you can get up and open the door!

-Dishes / Dishes Who? / Dishes the police! Open up!

-Handsome / Handsome Who? Handsome of the pizza to me!

-General Lee / General Lee Who? / General Lee I ring the door bell!

-Boo / Boo Who? / Please stop crying. I didn’t mean to scare you.

-Tom Sawyer / Tom Sawyer who? / Tom Sawyer underwear!

SAY: As Jesus was teaching, listen to what He said about prayer. Especially listen for the word “knock.”

Read Matthew 7:7-8 from your Bible.

Big Question

ASK: What do you think Jesus meant by these verses?

SAY: When you have cares and concerns, God wants you to ASK Him, SEEK Him about them, and KNOCK on “His door”. He wants you to bring your requests and your whole life to Him.

ASK: Does this mean that you will always get what you pray for? (No, because God knows best and won’t give you things that wouldn’t be good for you. You have to trust that God will answer prayers in the best way possible.)

ASK: Does God always answer prayer?

SAY: Yes. God ALWAYS answers prayer: He answers in one of three ways.

Hold up ONE finger—Sometimes God answers “Yes”

Hold up TWO fingers—Sometimes God answers “No”

Hold up THREE fingers—Sometimes God answers “Later—not right now—wait a while”


Tell some more Knock, Knock jokes. Here are some more examples:

Knock, Knock / Who’s There?

-House / House Who? / House it going?

-Watson / Watson Who?/ Watson TV?

-Colleen / Colleen Who? / Colleen up your room, please.

-Gorilla / Gorilla Who? / Gorilla me a cheese sandwich, please.

-Huge / Huge Who? / Huge you expect.

Yaw / Yaw Who? / Just me. Why are you so excited?

-Leena / Leena Who? / Leena little closer and I’ll tell you.

Bible Story:  Read Luke 11:1-10

SAY: The point of this story is NOT that God is like the grumpy guy who doesn’t want to get up and give his friend some bread. God loves giving us good things. The point is that God wants us to be bold and persistent—To ask and keep asking, to seek and keep seeking, to knock and keep knocking. When we pray, God doesn’t want us to give up.

ASK: Do you remember the three ways that God answers prayer?

-Hold up ONE finger—Sometimes God answers “Yes”

-Hold up TWO fingers—Sometimes God answers “No”

-Hold up THREE fingers—Sometimes God answers “Later—not right now—wait a while”

SAY: God loves you and wants to give you good things. But sometimes God will say no because what you want isn’t what is best for you. And sometimes God will answer later because the time just isn’t right yet, so we need to keep praying, keep seeking, keep knocking and trust that God knows best.


ASK: What are some things that you would like to talk to God about tonight?

Take turns praying and laying your requests before God.

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