The Hitchhiker


On one occasion Dr. Bob Gray got so burdened about winning someone to Christ, he prayed early in the morning that the Lord would give him a soul that day. He had that on his heart as he drove to his early morning radio broadcast. As he got out on the expressway in Jacksonville and headed downtown, he saw a fellow sticking out his thumb. The Spirit of the Lord seemed to say, There’s your man. So Dr. Gray pulled over and said, “Jump in, fellow. Where are you going?”

“I’m going downtown.”

As Dr. Gray started back out on the expressway, he said to him, “I didn’t mean, ‘Where are you going today?’ but ‘Where are you going when you die?’”

The fellow said, “I haven’t thought much about that.”

Dr. Gray engaged him in conversation about it. The man listened intently. Then Dr. Gray asked, “Do you mind if I pull off the highway and explain this to you?”

“I’ll be glad for you to,” he answered.

They did so; and Dr. Gray took out his New Testament, showed him some verses and led right up to the point where he said, “Why don’t you bow your head and let’s both pray. Then you can receive Christ as your Savior.”

The fellow did it. Then as he wiped a little tear out of his eye, he reached into his pocket, pulled out a revolver, laid it on the seat and said, “Sir, as I hitchhiked I had determined that whoever picked me up, I would make him pull off the highway. Then I would kill him and steal his car, dump his body and go on my way to another state. So, if you hadn’t talked to me about this, you could have been a dead man by now!”*


Read Romans 1:16 from your Bible.


Prayerfully consider what you have read today. Then take a few moments to pray for yourself, your students, and others with whom you serve in ministry.


Live a life worth sharing; share a life worth living.

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*Tom Wallace, “Jesus, the Soul Winner’s Example,” [1982] Hudson, Curtis, ed. Great Preaching on Soul Winning, (Murfreesboro, TN: Sword of the Lord Publishers, 1989), p. 201-2.

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