Treasure Hunt

✓Hidden clues to the treasure
✓Something to be the treasure such as a candy bar or a coupon for an ice cream cone, etc. Be creative.
✓A Bible marked at Psalm 119:11


Copy the following clues on individual slips or pieces of paper. Then hide all but the first one at their designated spots. Tell your children that you’re sending them on a treasure hunt.

Don’t hide this one. This is the first clue you’ll give to your children.
Search the backs of closet doors for Clue #2.

Hide this on the back of a closet door.
Go to a mirror to look for Clue #3.

Hide this on a mirror.
Go to a toilet to look for Clue #4.

Hide this on top of a toilet lid.
Go to a bed to look for Clue #5.

Hide this on or in a bed.
Go to the shower to look for Clue #6.

Hide this in the shower.
Go to the kitchen to look for Clue #7.

Hide this somewhere in the kitchen.
Look under a shoe for Clue #8.

Hide this underneath a shoe.
Try to get around Dad (or Mom) and to the couch to find the treasure.


After the hunt is finished, sit down with your children.

ASK—Would it have been easier or harder to find the treasure without the instructions?

ASK—What instructions has God given us for living?

SAY—The Bible is God’s instruction book on how to live life and you’ll never find what you’re looking for in life unless you follow Jesus and what He says in the Bible. Listen to what the Bible says about how to stay away from doing bad things.

Read Psalm 119:11 from your Bible.

PRAY—List prayer requests below and thank God for Jesus and the Bible and for giving us instruction on how to live.
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