Due Date

My mind spins with the thought of when I will be a mom again. I remember being pregnant with the boys and figuring out the due date. Wondering will they be early or late. Having a time line of some sort and being able to make plans. Preparing the room. Getting all the things you need. Buying clothes for the right season and guessing the size based on the due date.

We don’t have a due date. We have a hope for the future. I have no idea what it will be like. Will we have the snow falling and cold of winter? The rain and flowers of spring? The heat of summer or the fall colors as our backdrop to a beautiful moment in time? A time when we will bring our child home. We don’t have a due date to look forward to. Instead we have a time of waiting in which we choose to take courage. We know that God has called us to this adoption, so now we wait for His plan. Delight in His future. We claim faith and hope in His Lordship.

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