The Great Race


-Anything you might need for a fun race

-Your Bible marked at Hebrews 12:1-3 and 2 Timothy 4:7-8

Choose any race in which your children and you can compete. Some ideas are listed below.


-Race to see who can eat a banana the fastest.

-Race to see who go the fastest with a ball or balloon between their knees..

-Race to see who run across the backyard the fastest.—have them try running, hopping, bear crawling, etc..

-Race to see who can build the tallest tower out of blocks, cups or even shaving cream.

Have fun with whatever race you choose. The point isn’t the race or even who wins the race. The point is for your children to understand that they are in a race in life.

SAY—The Bible compares the Christian life to a race but the winners in life are not the fastest or even the best…Real winners in life are those who totally live for Jesus.

Read the Hebrews 12:1-3 from your Bible.

ASK—What do you think the Bible means when it says to lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily trips you?

ASK—What are some things that could hinder a person from running fast in a race? (Lots of things—an untied shoelace, a hurt foot, a hole in his path.)

ASK—What are some things that could hinder a person from totally living for Jesus? (Lots of things—greed, anger, disobedience, lying, selfishness…any sin and anything else that might stop a person from living a life of faith.)

Read 2 Timothy 4:7-8 from your Bible.

SAY—At the end of his life the Apostle Paul could say that he had “finished the course.” He had finished the race. God has a specific course for your life as well. He has great plans for you, but you’ll miss out on all those great things that God has in store for you if you don’t live for and follow Jesus every day.

ASK—If there anything in your life right now that you feel might be holding you back from fully living for Jesus? (As a parent, this is also a question that you need to be honest about. If your child has seen actions in your life that are contrary to someone following Jesus, you need to tell them that you too have had things in your life that have been holding you back and that you’re willing to let go of anything that will hinder you from living for Jesus.)

PRAY—List prayer requests and take time to tell the Lord that you want to live for Him without anything hindering you. If there are sins in your life, now is the time to ask for forgiveness.


After you’re done, feel free to have a few more races…and at bedtime tonight, read 2 Timothy 4:7-10. These are the same verses you read above with two additional ones to hear about someone who stopped running ”the race” because he cared more for this world than for following Christ.

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