Dribbling Dr. Pepper

Earlier today I went to a convenient store…I took my two youngest sons, ages one and three, the youngest in a stroller. We first picked up a cup of Dr. Pepper for my wife. Then I grabbed four “bug juices” for my four sons. Then I balanced two Gatorades for some gentlemen laying carpet in our house. I balanced my way to the counter, paid and was glad to get the bottles in a bag.┬áSo picture this, I’m pushing a stroller with one hand. In the other hand I’m holding a cup of Dr. Pepper with a dangling bag with six bottles, all while encouraging my 3-year old to stay close.

So far we had moved smoothly. Then we came to the door. The door opened both ways but suddenly I found myself stuck. It was easy coming in, but now every time I reached from behind the stroller to push the door open, I tipped the cup with the now swinging bag sideways. My first attempt left a dripping trail that nearly hit my one-year old on the head. My second attempt jammed the wheel of the stoller sideways before again dribbling toward my youngest son. Then I did a genius thing. I said to my 3-year old, “Hey, why don’t you hold that door.” He put one hand on it and it pushed him backwards. Now I was trying to guide the stroller, not spill the drink on my youngest son’s head while balancing a swinging bag of six bottles and now trying to stop the door from crushing my three-year old. More dribbles. A few pushes and 90 seconds later we were out of the store.

As the door closed behind us I noticed just in front of us a car full of people staring at me. Apparently they had been watching my pushing, swinging, dribbling and almost 3-year old-crushing spectacle.

Then glancing behind me I could see the cashier and others inside who also had witnessed my situation. If only someone had helped me. All I needed was someone to hold the door.

As I walked away, understanding the humor of what had just happened and the un-significance of it, I also found myself saying to the Lord, “Lord, I don’t want to be the kind of person who stands back when I see someone in need. I want to help others, even in small ways.”

Now I’m waiting and watching for that special opportunity of getting to help someone in some small way tomorrow.

God is so good. Only He could teach a lesson through a dribbling Dr. Pepper, almost son-crushing incident.

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