Evening Meetings

Wifi is slow this morning and I’m having trouble uploading pictures but the past two evenings we shared once in a church and once in a home. There were about 50 or more people in the room where I taught in the house and I didn’t realize that there was another room where people were listening that I couldn’t see until almost halfway through the meeting.

In these services we’ve been able to get to know the people more. I met a Baptist pastor and his family who have a deep love for the Lord and their church has such a sweet spirit. I wish I could have videoed ┬áthem singing to the Lord last night. Their love for Christ is obvious. I don’t know what decisions are being made after these services–there is a lot of praying, which I think is the custom here. I individually prayed for about 20 people last night. Several wanted prayers for lost husbands or lost family members. Other ask for prayer about health issues, jobs, their children and more.

A Bible meeting in the home of a church member.

We are getting ready to leave for two more school assemblies and tonight we’ll lead a training on how to draw children and share Bible truths in a way they will understand and remember.

Thank you for your prayers.

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