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YouTube Video Outreach & More

Before we left for India we designed a card that we could distribute in all the schools where kids are taught English. We printed 10,000 of these cards because we wanted to use them as a way where English-speaking students could continue to hear the Gospel beyond  just one school program. The card contained a link to the Bible in the different languages where we would be sharing so they could read Scripture in their heart language as well as a link to our YouTube channel. We had heard that YouTube is big in India. Our goal was to drive people to watch more stunts and illusions on our channel as a way of getting them to hear more about the Gospel.

Since we arrived in India on February 1, we have already had over 58 hours of videos being watched from India. We don’t know how many people these 58 hours represent but we also picked up 149 new subscribers, many of whom have Indian sounding names. These people will be notified when we post a new video and with such a spike in viewing time, we trust that the Lord is continuing to move in people hearts as they watch these videos.

We are also talking with some leaders about using websites and video as a way of sharing the Gospel and we’ll continue to provide resources for the children’s leaders we met as well. We also now have several opportunities for ministry that are open doors in India. One is a foundation outside of Hyderabad that has started a school with over 700 students, a church and a community hall. They feed the children, since it is in a very poor slum area not far from the Hyderabad trash dump. We have a church in Guntur that has asked us to come back and spend more time with them and another is the last church where we shared in the slum village that has asked us to come back and spend several days with them. We’re praying about all the opportunities and will continue to seek God’s will concerning ┬áthe future.

Nathan sharing his salvation testimony.


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