Using Photos as Postcards

During events or during regular church times, take pictures of your students, especially close up face-shots and pictures with their friends. Tell them to make a crazy faces, to smile big, and so forth, but don’t tell them what the pictures are for.

Write a short note on the back side of the photo along with their address and your return address…And, just like that, you now have a postcard with your student’s picture on it that the post office will deliver as a postcard. Just be sure to put the right postage on it – Remember, postcards are cheaper. Parents and students alike love these.

(NOTE: Sometimes writing on the back of a photo can make an impression that will show through on the picture, so consider writing your note on a label that you can stick to the back of the photo.)

Here’s a sample format that you can for a label on the back:
Sending Pictures as Postcards–Label Format

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