Balloon Animals

Using Balloons to Share God’s Truth

How to make Spiritual Applications:

  • Any balloon can tie to thoughts about creation, being made special, being made for a purposes. etc. – i.e., Make a dog. Explain that you made the dog the way you wanted him to be. You made him special and for the purpose of putting smile on someone’s face. In the same way, God made you special and has a design for your life too. Read and discuss Psalm 139:13-14 and springboard into the Bible Story of David being anointed King of Israel in 1 Samuel 16.
  • Any balloon can become a part of a story you tell that teaches truth – i.e., Make a small dog and a big dog and tell a story about how one picks on the other. Then use Matthew 7:12 to show how to treat other right and perhaps springboard into your kids acting out the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10.
  • You can tie animal balloons to any unique characteristic of that animal – i.e., Make a mouse, show the kids a mouse trap and talk about the dangers of temptation. Read and discuss 1 Peter 5:8 and then springboard into the story of Jesus overcoming temptation in Matthew 4 to show how God’s Word helps us to say no to sin and yes to God.
  • Use a balloon sword to illustrate that the Bible is the Sword of the Spirit Teach your kids about the power and protection that God’s Word gives (Psalm 119:11) and then give every child a balloon sword. Or as a craft, teach them to make their own balloon swords.
  • Use a balloon flower to explain that God’s truth lasts forever – Make a flower in front of your kids while talking about how flowers don’t last. Read and explain Isaiah 40:8 (or another similar verse) to show that the things of this world will pass away but God’s Word lasts forever.
  • Use balloon animals for any Bible story that includes animals – Consider Adam naming the animals, Noah on the ark, all the stories and verses that include snakes, horses, lions, donkeys, sheep, and more…


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