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“As a minister I remember spending big money not only for Sunday School curriculum but for our Wednesday and Sunday evening programs as well. Every quarter I would watch my budget decline and tell myself that it was good stewardship even though it seemed so expensive. After all, we had to have good literature for our leaders to use…but I also couldn’t help thinking about all the money that could be saved and how many other things we could do if only we didn’t have to spend so much.

“Then, to compound my feelings, I would watch as literature would sit the entire semester and not be used or see take-home pages thrown away after three months of neglect. ‘What a waste,’ I would think. Then when we ordered less to conserve our spending the next quarter, we ran short and had to place a late-order. What if we could just print what we needed when we needed it?  And what if we could let our leaders get online anytime to look up what they needed and to have a whole library of helpful resources? And what if we could just e-mail a substitute teacher a link instead of having to coordinate how and when they could pick up their literature? Now we can.”

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