Survey Tips
  • Ask tough questions
  • Don’t be afraid of criticism
  • Expect, ask for and value straight-forward, honest answers.
  • Keep the survey brief
  • Always have a purpose for everything you do. In other words, why are you taking a survey?
  • When giving a survey to children, those 3rd grade and older can answer on a written sheet. You’ll get better, first-hand information this way. But 2nd grade and below respond best to verbal surveys. To do this correctly, you will need to let your teachers or leaders know well in advance and probably provide extra help in the class so that your regular teachers can pull the children aside one-on-one, ask them the questions, and accurately mark down their answers. Why use your their regular teachers? Because the kids will talk more openly to someone with whom they already feel comfortable and with whom they already have a relationship.
Sample Survey Forms
Sample Survey Results


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