Leading Kids in Worship

Learn to lead children’s songs and to lead kids in worship.

  • Tips for Leading Kids in Worship – Coming soon…
  • Audio Training: Leading Children’s Songs – Coming soon…
  • Songs without Background Music – See Lyrics in English & Spanish HERE.
  • Hand Motions for songs with background music (See the videos below…) 

Worship Compilation Video:


“Me Without You” – Song by Toby Mac


“Jesus in My Life” – Song by Hillsong Kids


“Rainbow” – Song by Hillsong Kids


“Our God” – Song by Chris Tomlin


“Treasure Quest” – Song by Jana Alayra


“King of Majesty” – Song by Hillsong Kids


“Never Be Shaken” – Song by Shout Praise Kids


“Everybody Get Walkin’” – Song by Jana Alayra


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