Bedtime Stories based on the the Parables of Jesus


Welcome, reader, and come on in.

Step inside, and enjoy, my friend.

Here you will learn, tales Jesus told,

And hear from Him, about a man who sold,

All that he had, for a pearl of great price,

And a Samaritan’s care, that was more than just nice.

You’ll hear of sheep, and of a run-away son.

Open your ears, And have fun! Have fun!

You’ll see a man robbed, and others pass by.

You’ll find out what happens, when the sower draws nigh.

Wheat and tares, will grow in the field,

And the house will fall, that the foolish did build.

These are all parables.

“What’s that?” you say.

What is a parable? I’ll tell you, okay.

A parable is a story, as you will see,

And is one of the ways, Jesus taught you and me.

These are simple lessons, that show what to do,

But put in a way, that’s understandable to you.

The stories that follow, will teach you His ways,

To help you follow Jesus, all of your days.

Bedtime Stories based on the Parables of Jesus

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