Making the Most of Bedtime

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories that teach godly character and that show how the truths of the Bible play out in daily life are an incredible tool for instilling spiritual values in your child. Check HERE for a collection of stories.

Bible Bedtime Stories

Bible Bedtime Stories are simple and easy quick-read stories that you can share with your child straight out of God’s Word. It’s another great part of a bedtime ritual. Children need consistency but also variety. The consistency is that your read a bedtime story each night…the variety is that you use different kinds of stories on different nights and what better stories are there than the stories that God has given us in His Word. What a great way for children to know and understand the heroes of the Bible better.

Use Your Own Experiences as Bedtime Stories

Children love to hear about your “adventures” and experiences when you were a child. Use the following Guide for Sharing Bedtime Stories from Your Own Experiences to help stir your memory and to find Scripture verses that might match some of the stories that you have to share.

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