How to Share the Plan of Salvation

Booklet:  How to Share the Plan of Salvation

The booklet above teaches one of many “methods” of sharing the plan of salvation. But please keep in mind that witnessing is not about methods; it’s about life-style. It’s not about a memorized, smoothed and polished salesman approach, to get people to “buy-in” to your Savior. It’s about you loving and living for Jesus and unashamedly talking about your faith and relationship with God. It’s about the Holy Spirit moving in people’s hearts, drawing people to the Lord, speaking far beyond the words that you could ever say. It’s about eternity and changed lives. The following method is just a help for when the time comes that someone says, “I want to know more about what it means to give my life to Jesus.”

The reason that we use this method is because we live in a very visual society and this booklet uses very simple, step-by-step pictures to walk a person through the truths of Scripture. The booklet is written for learning how to witness to a child, but this method works for all ages. If a seven year old can understand it, a seventy-seven year old can as well. We also encourage you to teach this method to your youth. Teach them how to share their faith with a child. Then give them opportunities to do it. During Vacation Bible School and other events, use your trained students to present the Gospel. The following method can be used with both large groups as well as one-on-one. Give your students an experience of sharing their faith in a controlled environment (i.e., inside the church, at a church event, with a child who is already asking, “How can I go to heaven?”). Let them get a taste of what it means to lead someone to Christ. Then help them understand that they can share Jesus everywhere they go.

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